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Built for maximum profits

We approach retargeting as a data and optimization problem.

Retarget.io achieves incredible performance by bringing to bear massive amounts of data about your customers, your products, the ad network real estate, and constantly optimizing each part of the puzzle.

Premium capabilities

Unlike other companies, we offer high end capabilities to all customers. This includes extensive a/b testing of creatives, user segmentation, dynamic pricing and more.

Leave the work to us

We handle the hard work so you don’t have to. Carefully designed tools and processes enable us to give your campaigns the attention they deserve.

Not your grandmother’s retargeting solution

Creatives that perform

We don’t run ads that we think look great, we run ads that perform based on data from large numbers of tests.

Our creatives are dynamic, so each user is shown an ad based on their interests. We segment creatives for both layout and purchase intent, showing well crafted ads to your customers based on how close they are to a purchase decision.

Smart Retargeting

80% of purchases come from 20% of the ad impressions. Don’t waste your money with a shotgun approach.

Our engine estimates the potential value of each customer in order to avoid paying too much to get in front of customers unlikely to purchase and to know when to spend more to get in front of someone who is about to buy.

Built in A/B testing

From day one we will be A/B testing different strategies on your behalf.  At retarget.io A/B testing is built in and covers all aspects of your campaigns including: ad layout, ad copy, user segmentation and bidding strategies.

Success stories

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